Mexico mission trip December 2017

Each year from December 27-December 31 a few Ekklesia students make a trip down to Piedras Negras, Mexico on mission trip. This trip is an opportunity for state-side churches to partner with the church Primera Iglesia in Piedras Negras on mission for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

The church groups from the states are given an opportunity to go into the streets of the city and proclaim the gospel of Jesus in Word and in deed. We get to walk through the neighborhoods and invite children and adults to the community park for a Vacation Bible School. Every day we get to play games with the children, share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them through Bible stories and testimonies, and simply love on the individual children and families. We also are given the chance to go door to door sharing the good news of Jesus and praying with individuals for healing and salvation.

This past year on the trip we had some incredible encounters. One woman had had a recurring dream for 3 nights in a row that there were people who would be crossing a river and coming to her doorstep to share good news with her. After the 3rd time she awoke from this dream a group of people showed up on her doorstep and shared the testimony of Jesus Christ with her. She immediately received it and prayed for salvation. Holy Spirit moved in power in this woman's life. This was just one testimony of the way God moved on this trip! He is ALL powerful!

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