Management ministry

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

By: Kyle Doan

Armored Outreach Ministries and Red Letter Management Group working to advance

the Kingdom of Heaven. As a ministry the priority remains the hearts and minds of those we serve and as a business the priority is the heart and mind of the vessel sent to serve. Conflated together this past month in Katy, Texas; AO and RLMG worked to bring two artists: Brock Gill and Jamison Strain into a youth DNow at Bear Creek Church.

Amassing 175 students together, Jamison led these 6th-12th graders in worship and praise of the King. Then was followed by an offering from Illusionist Brock Gill who captivated their attention with mesmerizing feats and unexplainable effects. Only to turn these visuals into a segway for the Gospel message. In the first session over 30 students responded to a call for salvation. In successive sessions the students learned about the importance and benefits of learning and leaning into the Word of G-d. And then lastly the importance of prayer.

All in all the weekend was a huge success resulting in life changing moments for students and student-leaders alike. AO was there to bring ministry and support to the staff and students of the event and RLMG cultivated and carefully nurtured the artists bringing the message. Making management ministry a reality.

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