Day four of Ekklesia

Our discipleship journey for the summer has begun! Saturday and Sunday were our official move-in days for the students. We had the majority of our students by Saturday, so it was only right that we went out to dinner at a local favorite Mexican restaurant, El Patron. Aye aye! Sunday morning, Britnee and Travis Wike kicked off a young adults summer Bible study at First Baptist Church. Many of our summer Ekkesia students joined us for the Bible study and for corporate worship at First Baptist. There were some who served at Waverly Christian, and one student (thanks Hillary!) who retrieved the remainder of our students from the airport Sunday morning. By Sunday evening, we had everyone on campus that is going to be journeying together with the Lord this summer. Woohoo!

With the semester's official start on Monday of this week, we have already been encountering the Lord. Each of us are seeking to be molded more to look, sound, smell, talk, and walk like Jesus. The last two days have been extremely rich as we have been studying the Word, and allowing Holy Spirit to begin to saturate our hearts with His Word. From this saturation, the Lord is already at work transforming our hearts to look more like Jesus. Our goal is to experientially know Him, so that we may walk in Him. ALREADY He has been so faithful to show us His heart. Our themes as we study 2 Peter1 and John 8:31, are those of abiding in the Word, the necessity of putting to death our flesh, that we may live in the Spirit, and the importance of diligently guarding our hearts with God's Word... to name a few.

Beyond the classroom, our afternoons are spent in various service stations on campus and in the community. It is a rich thing to study the Word with your peers, then go and serve alongside them and continue the conversation throughout the day about what the Lord is teaching you. The past two evenings were spent running concession stands for the various baseball games happening in Sweet Springs, and just having fun as a community.

We look forward to the rest of the summer, and know it will fly by! We take delight in each day the Lord gives us to grow in Him, and grow in love toward one another. It is a beautiful thing, and we are so grateful for your support!

Ekklesia ladies at El Patron!

Ekklesia gentlemen at El Patron!

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