Ekklesia Training Center


Listed below are several different avenues where AO helps train, assist, mentor and replenish the people of God and ministries the Lord desires to work in and through. Some of our efforts are involved in local businesses because we strongly believe the Lord desires to impact and train people within the work environment.

Ekklesia is an 8-10 week summer discipleship program for 18-35 year old’s. The purpose of Ekklesia is to give young adults an opportunity to escape the “norm” of society and spend the summer pursuing intimacy with Jesus. Each semester the students spend time diving in to the Word of God, serving in ministry, and learning to live in community. The hope is that students will come out of the semester with a growing relationship with Jesus and will follow Him in obedience to what He has called their life to. Several of the branches of AO have stemmed from what the Lord has birthed within the hearts of some of the Ekklesia students. Other branches of AO are staffed/served by former Ekklesia students.

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The Old School Social

Old School is a local coffee and yogurt shop opened by the ministry of Armored Outreach. It serves as an outreach opportunity within the community of Sweet Springs and even stretches beyond. This business creates job opportunities for students who come out of Ekklesia as well as people from within the town. Discipleship can thrive within an environment like this. Old School is a ministry doing business and it aims to administer the love of Jesus to each customer who enters the door for a cup of coffee or a cup of froyo.

Twelve Gate Coffee Co.

Twelve Gate Coffee Co is a coffee roasting business birthed from Old School Coffee. Hunter Day, the former RA of the men’s dorm for Ekklesia, launched this new business October 1, 2017. The vision of Twelve Gate is to generate partnerships with other businesses, churches, and ministries in order to send representatives over seas to do ministry and make disciples in coffee producing countries. The way the company intends to do this is by stepping foot in these countries and building personal relationships with various coffee farmers that they do business with.

180 Farms

180 Farms is a local organic farm owned by Greg and Carrie Guier that is partnered with Armored Outreach. 180 intends to be self-sustained and promote a healthy and holistic life style, while making disciples and ministering the love of Jesus. The farm has much desire to expand its ministry opportunities over the next several years. One current desire of 180 is to build housing to be used as a refuge/retreat location. Greg and Carrie’s desire is for discipleship to be the driving force within their farm.

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Red Letter Management

Red Letter Management is a business birthed from the vision of Armored Outreach. RLM’s focus is in tour management, artist management, and crew supply. One primary focus while on the road with the touring bands is discipleship. Through time, and day to day interaction, the team members of RLM desire to walk as examples of the love of Jesus Christ while serving the bands they are working for. The discipleship and life change that Armored Outreach has had on many people is now making an impact out on the road with touring bands through Red Letter. RL currently has 11 employees who are a part of the ministry of AO.

Red Letter Apparel

Red Letter Apparel is a new business that was launched under the umbrella of AO in 2019. RLA is a custom apparel company. We print & embroider anything from t-shirts to hats, to bags, to mugs. We desire to operate in excellence and create excellent products. We currently print custom merchandise for each of our businesses, for schools and businesses in our community, and several of our bands/artists that we work with in RLM.

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